Top 20 Green Naughty Secretary Club Craft Projects

In celebration of Earth Day this week I thought I would do a little stroll down memory lane. A very eco-friendly, recycled and crafty lane it is. This is a round up of a few of my favorite craft projects on Naughty Secretary Club, all of them green!

Going to Grandma’s Lap Top Case – Make your own lap top case out of an old suitcase? Speaking of suitcases use them for craft room storage and medicine cabinets too.

Recycled Wrapping Paper – If you no longer own a cassette player you can breathe new life into your tapes by making them into gift decorations. Be sure to peep more wrapping ideas including vintage styles and wrapagami.

Peppermint Poodle Lamp Shade – Convert a boring white lamp shade with wrapping paper. Oh and check out some other crafty wrapping paper ideas that don’t involve gifts.

Hooptastical Earring Holder – Embroidery and earrings go together like PB&J. Be sure to check out the entire series on jewelry displays including displays of crafters, jewelry as decor and creative DIY jewelry holders.

Kinky Candles – Cocktail glasses (even ones with nekkid ladies) are easily converted into candles.

Floral Fro – I’d kill for a boufant made of baubles, learn how to make a purple Aleene’s version too.

Wallpaper Tin – Wallpaper can cover a lot more than just walls. What about tins and cake pop holders?

Faux No Time Watch – Just because your watch dies does not mean you can’t still wear it.

Darling Doily Dish – Steal the doilies off grandma’s couch and make yourself a bowl or perhaps a dress and a lampshade.

Ice Cream Cone Tights – Thought you had worn that pair of tights for the last time? Maybe not. If you have a sweet tooth check out these other fun ice cream crafts.

Recycled Paper Basket – We made these baskets for Easter, but you can use the same idea for any occasion. Speaking of Easter don’t forget to recycle your egg shells into earrings.

Tick Tock Picture Frame – If you think clock and Etch-a-Sketch picture frames were kitschy, check out the one I made from an old television.

Recipe Tin Pin Cushion – I get my recipes online so a pin cushion was the perfect way to revamp this recipe box.

Crazy Quilt Ping Pong Necklace – I suck at Ping Pong, but I’m great at recycling ping pong balls into jewelry. Don’t believe me check out this Eco-Friendly Ping Pong Ball Necklace.

Musical Mustache Masks – Next time you get invited to a mustache party be sure to whip up a batch of these.

Tartan Tiara – Everyone needs to feel like a princess from time to time. Try our pipe cleaner tiaras too!

Screen Printed Record Clock – Records can also be recycled into jewelry, book ends and purses.

Recycled Robots – Dig through your junk drawer and make yourself a robot.

Glove Gussy Up – Whether need a pair of gloves to keep warm or be fancy, there is no excuse for them being plain.

Plain Earring Revamp – Grab the paint and fabric scraps and take plain earrings from snoozery to snazzy.

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