Top 10 Favorite Ice Cream Related Blog Posts

I’m one of those weird people that prefers ice cream in the winter over the summer. Call me kooky. Check the blog tomorrow for a fun ice cream related craft project and an ice cream recipe on the Craft Magazine blog. In the meantime to kick things off I thought I would do a round up of some of my favorite ice cream related blog posts through the years!

Ice Cream Cone Tights

Art Trends: There is Something in Your Hair

Homemade Loquat Ice Cream

Soaps that look good enough to eat

Taxidermy Trends

Ice Cream Maker Planter

Please Mr. Panda, Don’t Leave Me

My Sister’s Old Kitchen

Lamps from Ice Cream Cartons from Better Homes abd Gardens: Treasures from Throwaways Ok so it is not a blog post, but I had to show you.

Trendy is as Trendy Does: Suitcase Conversions

Remeber if you heart ice cream tune in tomorrow for some fun!

4 Responses to “Top 10 Favorite Ice Cream Related Blog Posts”

  1. Coppersangel

    Totally loving the Ice Cream Bucket Hanging Lamps.
    When I was a kid we used to bug the dickens out of the Baskin & Robbins for theirs!

    I also love ice cream in Winter.
    Especially Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream with Marshmallow Topping on it!


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