Toothbrush Bracelet

I am signed up to get google alerts for things like Jennifer Perkins, Craft Lab and Stylelicious. The other day a little alert came into my inbox and it was about my friend Dave Lowe’s blog. Dave was the set designer on both of my shows for the DIY Network and I personally think he did a stellar job. He wrote a whole big blog about how he came up with the design, decided on colors, what got kicked to curb and why. Maybe it was only fascinating to me, but if you are interested you can read all about the set here.

Stylelicious is on today and as mentioned earlier this week it is a special episode because FREDDA is on! Whoo-hoo for my mom on TV! Fredda is a total natural and I think clearly should be given her own TV show since she basically taught Hope and I everything we know. On today’s episode I make a toothbrush into a bracelet with the help of some hot water.

Speaking of tooth brush bracelets it reminds me the lovely Leah Kramer was sweet enough to send me a copy of her amazing new book The Craftster Guide to Nifty, Thrifty and Kitschy Crafts – Fifty Fabulous Projects from the Fifties and Sixties. Is there really anything else you could ask for in the crafty world? On page 35 I see that great minds think alike and there is a project on a “Slip-on Toothbrush Bracelet”. Same concept as today’s Stylelicious episode. In another freaky coincidence Hope is on Stylelicious with me today making a glove into a purse and by golly there is a project for that too in the book. On page 26 there is the “Lovely Lady Coin Purse”. Little different than what Hope whips up on the show, but both are adorable.

The Craftster Guide to Nifty, Thrifty and Kitschy Crafts is awesome because it has clippings from old magazines and books where the original concept for these crafts came from. Leah has just tweaked the ideas and updated them and more importantly brought them back to our attention. I like how the article about the toothbrush bracelet recommend adding macaroni noodle letters to personalize your bauble. That makes me giggle. Speaking of noodles also in the book is a whole section on Macaroni Glamour Accessories that I am strangely drawn too. It is things like jewelry boxes and mirrors covered with different shapes and sizes of pasta and then spray painted gold. I keep thinking about these glimmering noodles and how I can work them into jewelry. Imagine a gold jumbo shell earring or necklace. It could be awesome.

Anyway the book is super cute and I am smitten on it. I highly recommend it for all you crafty peeps out there.

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