Tonight on Lisa Loeb’s #1 Single there are some very special guest appearances.

Tonight on Lisa Loeb’s #1 Single there are some very special guest appearances. First watch for the lovely Vickie Howell on the episode chatting with Lisa about dudes, babies and her field of expertise knitting! While you are watching Vickie be sure to check out her Wooden Friends Kitty necklace and her Prrrr earrings. After the episode Vickie gave the necklace to Lisa who was sweet enough to send me a thank you email! So tune in tonight 9pm Central.

I added a bunch of new goodies to Naughty Secretary Club yesterday. Nostalgic Notions Earrings with bananas and monkeys, Cameo shaped Revamped Vintage Bracelets and more. Go and check it out.

Yesterday Chris and I played in the yard and I began cleaning out the flower bed in the front of our house. I am more soar today than I am after a day at the gym. We also began building a bench out of cinder blocks that I saw in a budget living book. We are going for migas and oil cloth shopping for the seat here in a little bit. I’ll post a picture when it is done. In the evening we met with our friends Chris, Jeff and Carrin for dinner. Jeff and Carrin brought their little baby Sophia who is adorable. Hope and Kurt came along later and I ended up leaving with them. The three of us went to Club Deville which turned into a big party with oodles of people Tina, Karly, Erin – the usuals plus some people I have not seen in a long time. Fun was had by all. Too much fun I think according to my headache. Nothing a big greasy breakfast can’t fix so I am off to self medicate with migas.

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