Toddler Pretend Play – Doll Haircuts

How do you bribe your kids through haircuts? Well if you are me you promise them that they can come home and play ‘Beauty Parlor’ in the backyard. This was my afternoon yesterday. After a teary eyed bang trim for Baxter (I think he must have thought I was going to let them take his curls) and an adorable new bob on Tallulah we came home to a little backyard pretend play. Some rules are made to be broken like the one about not cutting your dolls hair. Well, let me rephrase that. If your mother happens to have a slew of body-less dolls with long hair in her craft stash it is just fine to cut their hair (gimmie a break the legs I bought for the Nose Dive Planter came in a baggie of doll parts at the thrift store). Tallulah enjoyed styling and cutting while Baxter was more interested in stirring the shampoo with his collection of hairbrushes and combs.

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  1. vintagevixenarts

    Their hair's look fresh and adorable! Why is it when kid's are little they throw a fit when parent's want to cut their hair,then parent's have a fit later when their kid's decide to cut "their own" hair! Either a giant hunk outta their bang's, or like my sister did,a chop job off the side that she tried to hide under the bed!lol!Classic:-0


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