To All The Pink Trees I’ve Loved Before

Decorated pink Valentine's Day trees.

I’ve decorated a lot of pink trees in my day.  I prefer them to green even.  I think this might stem from the fact that I grew up in a pink house.  Yup, just like John Cougar Mellencamp said.  Except my parents was big, not little and looked like a birthday cake.  I digress.  ANYWAY – pink trees have a special place in my heart.  Pop over to the Treetopia blog to read an entire interview with little ole’ me about why I love decorating pink trees and why I love my husband Chris. PLUS you can enter to win your own trees.  FREE STUFF PEOPLE.  Ok before you click away let’s talk about all the pink trees I have loved before.

How to decorate a tree for Mother's Day.

Speaking of the Treetopia giveaway (ya, ya I’m their brand ambassador so I talk about them a lot.  I really do love pink trees though.  Fer realz). Did you see the adorable way Cathie Filian added marquee letters to her Valentine Tree?  I love how she decoupaged them with glitter.  Read her full interview here. I had some Heidi Swapp letters as the ‘tree base’ on my Mother’s Day Tree Last year.  These letters are so fun to use.

Pink valentine tree forest.

One time at my old house I had a pink tree forest.  See I told you I have loved over decorating for the holidays for years.  Really I had this up for Christmas but with a few tweaks it transitioned beautifully into Valentine’s.

How to decorate a Christmas tree with a music theme.

I’ve worn many hats in my day.  Somewhere between writing and publishing a feminist zine and becoming a Naughty Secretary and joining the Austin Craft Mafia I ran a record label with my husband called Has Anyone Ever Told You.  That being said the pink tree I decorated for Record Store Day has a real spot in my heart.  Works great for the music lovers Christmas home too according to DIY Network.


I leave you with a picture of my 2015 Valentine’s Day Tree.  You can see why it hurts my soul to put this thing of beauty into a closet after Christmas.  You have to extend the love.  I’m already planning Easter trees and beyond!

Hope you enjoyed my trip down pink tree memory lane.  I didn’t even go into all the pink at Christmas (and Easter and pink flamingos in July) Do you have a pink tree?  Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day?  Don’t leave me hanging.

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