Thrift Store Score: Enid Collins purse!

Wow has it been a long time since I have made the rounds at my local thrift stores. I used to go all the time, but if you ever see my house you will know I have pretty much met my stuff quota and anything that comes in means something else has to go. Yesterday Hope and I made the rounds around Austin and I found some serious scores.

First up an Enid Collins purse called 4 Seasons. It is not in the best shape ever, but it also cost me $2. Wednesday is half off day at the Salvation Army. Since I collect Enid Collins purses I had to pick it up in any condition. Enid Collins is a fellow Texan and from the looks of her purses a fellow crafter. All her purses are adorned with paintings and gem stones. The 4 seasons for instance has a sun, a branch with spring buds, a snowflake and a fall leaf. I have some with Owls, kitties and one of my favorites and exploding oil rig. My first one I acquired years ago. It was covered in gem stone lady bugs and I had no idea who Enid was, I just thought the purse was tackalicious and since my family nick name has always been Jenny-Bug I could not leave it at the store. I later became somewhat of a connoisseur. One of my few flea market regrets was that once I stumbled upon one of her kits which she later had produced called Sophistikits and I passed it up. What was I thinking?

My other favorite score was my new Cardinal Purse. Actually Hope found it first, but I talked her into letting me have it. She would have never carried it, she likes BIG purses with lots of gold accoutrements. I on the other hand have a borderline fetish for wacky purses and shoes. This one is so cute it is just the right size with a fold over flap and a shoulder strap. The Cardinal appliqué is adorable and the best part they have moving googly eyes! So when I walk and shake their little eye balls move!

Other scores of the day included Hope’s plaster nocturnal bird of prey. She found an Owl statue that must stand over 3 feet tall that she could barely carry out of the thrift store.

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