I just discovered what could be my new favorite website. Everyone in the blogoshpere may already know about Threadbanger, but when I stumbled across their site it was news to me. I think I may have heard the name in passing a time of two, but today was the first day I actually visited the site. I’m still trying to grasp what everything is about over there, but from what I can see there is hours of fun involved. This is straight from Threadbangers about page…

Welcome to ThreadBanger, the first network for people who make their own fashion.

Our first show is Threadheads. Join our hosts Rob and Corinne every Friday as they give us DIY fashion tips and how-to’s so that you too can create your own style! This weekly show also features the latest in fashion trends straight from the community and young, upcoming designers.

Want to get involved? Submit your own unique creations by uploading your video to our website and we’ll feature your designs on the show! Have a question on how to create something? Let us know and we’ll cover it in an upcoming episode! This is the show that the viewers create!

There are blogs, forums on fashion and how-to videos to watch. I just watched a super informative video by Nicole Tirona who has an adorable little jewelry shop on Etsy called It’s Your Life on how to make a Briolette into a charm for a necklace. I know this is quite a task because just yesterday I took a jewelry class as a bit of continuing education and this was one of the things I asked the instructor to go over with me! I could have watched this video and saved myself $15!

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