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Craft Lab this week seems to have something for everyone. I know, I know there are a lot of repeat episodes but like I said if you want to see the new Craft Lab with fun stuff like beer holsters, placemat room dividers and lit tiki punch bowls from Season 2 sooner rather than later email DIY Network. Not that I don’t love me some season 1, just listen to what we will be crafting this week…

MONDAY: Laurie Mika and I are going to be making a mosaic table, the trick is the tiles are handmade from polymer clay!

TUESDAY: I have some fun with acetate with guest Elizabeth Dunn.

WEDNESDAY: Wanda Wen comes to Craft Lab to teach us some artful gift wrap. Not too long ago I blogged about Wenda because I saw her on an episode of Bravo’s Top Design!

THURSDAY: It’s Floral Art with Katie Killean.

FRIDAY: Have you ever made an Altered Board Book? They are pretty awesome and Jan Bode Smiley is the queen of them.

Let us not forget Stylelicious every Tuesday and Thursday also on the DIY Network. Tuesday is High School Revisited and Thursday is 40’s and 50’s Glam.

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