This Week on Craft Lab – Waterslide Decals With My Mom!

Tune in tomorrow morning to DIY Network and catch my a-doorbell mom Fredda Perkins gettin’ crafty with me in the Craft Lab. We will be making some nifty little faux Art Deco picture frames using waterslide decals.

2 Responses to “This Week on Craft Lab – Waterslide Decals With My Mom!”

  1. Marti Guntren

    Hi, Jennifer!

    DIY and HGTV don't show the videos or show info anymore beyond the basic information. Is there somewhere we can watch the video again or get specific project info/sources? I hate it that they have stopped providing more than the basic description! Thanks!

  2. Saguaro Chick

    Your mama was precious!!!!! That was a great episode watching you two craft side by side! She is a natural. Those frames she made were gorgeous! I adore her glasses!


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