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So here is rundown on crafty TV and me for the week.

CRAFT LAB on HGTV 9am Central All new episodes…

MONDAY: BEADED JEWELRY with MAYA BRENNER – I had so much filming this segment of Craft Lab because well my full time job when I am not hosting Craft Lab and Stylelicious is being a jewelry designer for Naughty Secretary Club. Maya makes the most gorgeous things and at the end of the episode she gave us all pieces of her jewelry, and lemme say her stuff is not cheap so we were all like whoa. For all you jewelry making fanatics I know I learned a thing or two from Maya filming this episode.

TUESDAY: CERAMIC BISQUE with ALEXIS SADLER – Alexis & Allyson came down from Duncan Paints in Fresno to play in the Craft Lab with me. I come from a long line of people who dabble in ceramics, but I myself have little experience beyond a make your own mug type place. Oh and we get to blow soap bubbles on this episode so what is not to love! The field piece for this episodes was fun too because I got to hang out with the amazing Tim Holtz at CHA. Tim and I are in the Ranger Inks booth getting the low down on crackle accents.

WEDNESDAY: TORCHED RESIN TABLE with MARY O’BRIEN – Mary was a total sweetheart who came from Arizona with a super intense project. There were a ton of steps and a lot of work, but when it was done the table did look great. My favorite part was that the top of the table involved melting crayons. I have always had a thing for melted crayons for some reason.

THURSDAY: NEW SCHOOL PUPPETS with CLAUDINE HELLMUTH – Hooray I love it when my friends get to stop by the Lab. Claudine and I met last year on the set of the show and have been friends ever since. Her work is amazing and she is a ton of fun so it is always awesome when she gets to stop by and craft. On this episode we make the most darling little cone puppets out of oil funnels of all things. Don’t be alarmed by the words puppet, these are seriously cute.

FRIDAY: WOOD BURNING PURSE with VANI SODHI GUNDARA – I get very happy when episodes of Craft Lab are about accessories. Jewelry, purse and shoe episodes this season! Vani makes the cutest purses out of wooden boxes that she wood burns and then adorns. Also in this episode I hang out with a local Austin dude named Mark Stowe who makes super rad leather accessories and get a lesson on using a wood burner to adorn leather.

STYLELICIOUS on DIY NETWORK 2pm Central Tuesday & Thursday

TUESDAY: TRICKS TO TRY – Tina, Vickie and I hang out and make lots of fun stuff. I had so many broken necklaces lying around that usually I make into other necklaces, but decided to try something new. I sewed them to old shirts and cardigans instead!

THURSDAY: TIES – Raid your dad’s closet for all his bad ties and then watch Susann, Hope and Tina whip a ton of cute projects with them. Halter tops, purses and hand painted mod girls that will make any chick want to wear a tie.

CRAFT LAB on DIY NETWORK 11am Central Season 1 episodes

MONDAY: 3-D CAKES with ELISA STRAUSS – Look for Elisa on Season 1 and 2 of Craft Lab. Elisa not only makes the most amazing looking cakes, holy moly do they taste good too. On this episode we make a cake that looks like it is in a hat box on season 2 we made one that looked like a bag of popcorn! Check out Confetti Cakes.

TUESDAY: ALTERED BOOK TECHNIQUE with BARBARA MATTHIESSEN – When I got a copy of Frida Kahlo’s diary (not the real thing silly the book published with excerpts) this was my very taste of an altered book. The pages in diary were all crazy and colorful and filled with words and art and I can’t imagine it was a plain rectangular bound book. When ever I make altered books like this one I always think of the diary and how I wish my diary looked like that.

WEDNESDAY: AFRICAN DESIGNS with LISA SHEPARD STEWART – Lisa is a wealth of information not only about crafting, but also about Africa. Crafts where you also learn something about another culture are like a double whammy.

THURSDAY: CAST RESIN BOBBLE HEAD with GRETCHEN MARTIN – I was so sad Gretchen was not able to come out and be a guest on season 2 of Craft Lab since I had so much fun making bobble heads with her on this episode. Think of the Christmas gift possibilities if you could master this skill.

FRIDAY: RECYCLED PAPER MAKING with HEIDI REIMER EPP – I love it when the projects on Craft Lab are eco-friendly. Also on Friday at 3:30 Central catch FLAME CANE BOTTLE with ANNE IGOU – Anne makes me love polymer clay even more. What I also love about Anne is that she bought me my first wave iron for my hair because I coveted hers so much!

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