This Week on Craft Lab

If you thought guys were not crafty, think again. Tuesday morning on the DIY Network is a double dose of dudes. First up join Bre Pettis and me as we make shadow puppets on a bamboo stick using contact paper and mono filament. Perfect for a Halloween themed puppet show.

Next up on Tuesday morning (remember it is a double dude feature) Addi Somekh stops by the Craft Lab and does incredible things with balloons. I’m talking instruments, flowers and party decorations.

Thursday morning tune in for two more episodes of Craft Lab. First up local Austinite and fellow Austin Craft Mafia member Susann Koehane stops by the Craft Lab to give me a lesson in bamboo. We make paper, picture frames and more!

Chris Derubeis makes airbrushing look so easy, but let me tell you there is some serious skill involved. Chris and I airbrush a guitar that totally rawks.

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