This Week on Craft Lab!

Tuesday Nov 2nd bright and early you can catch a double crafty feature on DIY Network of Craft Lab. I never thought I would share a network home with Vanilla Ice, but I digress.

First up on Tuesday guest Julia Andrus demonstrates how to emboss paper for a metal finish, and uses it to create an innovative and functional wall vase.

Next up on Tuesday is one of my fave Craft Lab episodes – Mondo-Foamo! Yvonne Palermo shows us how to make an Egyptian foam sculpture.

Thursday morning 6 AM CST is another double dose of Craft Lab! Jessica Acosta will show us how to make one of her unique and funky layered dolls. She grew up in the Pacific Northwest, and so the ocean and trees make up a huge part of the inspiration behind her work. Whether creating realistic, character, or abstract pieces, there is a hint of nature in all of them. Most of her techniques concerning her dolls are derived from self-taught explorations.

More crafty dudes in the Craft Lab! Thomas Ashman will show us how to make our own unique glass journals. He will also show us a new technique of binding using plumbers tape.

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