This Week on Craft Lab

4 episodes of Craft Lab in one week, whoo hoo! Start things off Tuesday morning by making some pet name plates, Rover needs a Christmas Present too. We will manipulate metal, etch images and make cute personalized nameplates for your furry friends!

Copy Machines make art and not just copies next on Craft Lab. Stephen Horn will be showing us a way to use our copy machine and mono-printing onto clay to make unique pieces of art.

Thursday is an awesome day in the Craft Lab. First up we have my mother Fredda Perkins showing how to make her version of vintage glass art Deco frames using water slide decals.

Kathy Cano Murillo & I explore the world of Mexican wrestling: “Lucha Libre.” First, Kathy decorates a wrestling mask with paint, thread, and jewels to create a personalized look. Next, we create Lucha Libre Cascarones -hollowed egg shakers decorated and filled with confetti. Finally, we make Lucha Libre place card holders using simple materials and generic Mexican wrestling figures.

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  1. Amber D. Mcnabb

    I am so bummed. We are going through a really rough time right now. I lost My job of 15 years back in August and recently had to downgrade our tv service, cut off phones etc. Now I don;t get to watch your show. Except for the ones that are recorded of course. 🙁


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