This was not one of my better hair choices.

So not much has changed since we spoke yesterday I am still in Stitch overdrive. We are in the midst of putting the final touches on things such as programs. Yesterday I had to run to Jenny’s house and swing by Parts and Labour to pick some things up for the Fashion Fix Friday giveaway on 94.7 with Elaina Martin. I’ll keep you posted on when it airs. Jesse and I also went down to the News 8 Austin studios and did a quickie interview with Paul Brown about Stitch. For those of you who wanted to see my new hair you can kinda see. You can fer sure see the pink streak up the side of my head, I told you I was not in love with it. The teal is washing out to a very pathetic dirty blue green quickly. This was not one of my better hair choices, but it had been so long since I had had pink or teal hair it sounded like a fun change. So anyway when you watch the video you also get a sneak peak at the goodie bags for Stitch. My friends at 31 Corn Lane were sweet enough to give us 400 rainbow tote bags that are going to act as our free goodie bags. So not only do you get all the good stuff inside, the bag it’s self is awesome. I carried my rainbow tote forever, I now use a red 31 Corn Lane Carry All Bag. So anywhoo here is a little list of some of the goodies inside the bag…

What are some things you can expect to find inside the bags?
Ready Made Magazine
Glitter Modge Podge
Clamour Magazine
Pin Cushions
Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
Bag Lunch Lip Balm
Rare Magazine
Tulip Cool Color Spray
Coupons for No Sweat Apparel, Parts and Labour, Spiderhouse and I Love Video
CDs from Austin’s Has Anyone Ever Told You?

Today I have my new assistant Travis coming in to work. He will have goodies for sale at the Austin Craft Mafia booth at Stitch. He makes really cute comics. I need to get Travis to do about a million things and get myself to do about the same. I bought some red and white polka dotted paper yesterday to make some jewelry out of for Stitch. We are doing a naughtical theme. I also need to finish up a charm bracelet I am making for Susan Stars new jewelry book.

So needless to say I gotta wrap this post up and get to work.

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