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* Less than one week on ETSY and I am already confused. They started some sort of constitution and now I am confused as to whether I am allowed to sell what I am selling on ETSY. It says no more vintage goods or factory made goods and the curios are both. But then it says you can still sell craft supplies. I think I am ok, but I am not sure and the whole “tags” thing is confusing too.

* Speaking of things I find confusing, yet intriguing is Stylehive. I always get emails that people have posted about Naughty Secretary Club on there, like this morning. I started my own profile, but I am never sure how it all works. It looks so fun I wanna learn. I need to spend longer than 5 minutes looking it over.

* If you are headed out and about tonight and live in Austin, be sure to stop by the Beauty Bar to see my hubby’s band Beta Valentine play. Don’t forget March 13th at the Parlour is his CD release show.

* I read something very exciting today on Coquette and in an email from my friend at Queen Puff Puff. Vivienne Westwood’s 36 Years in Fashion will be on exhibit at the de Young Museum in San Francisco from this weekend March 3rd through June 10th. That means I can go see it next week while I am there! This is the only stop on the US tour.

“Vivienne Westwood is both iconoclast and global icon. In the 1970s, she electrified the world with the launch of punk fashion and went on to become one of the most inventive and influential designers of our time. Fashion to her became “a baby I picked up and never put down.”

* Another thing I am excited about is shopping in San Francisco. I am hoping to snag myself a piece of art my Lisa Congdon of A Bird in the Hand while I am there and through her site I found two interesting looking shops: Doe and The Candy Store.

* I love the two pictures at the top and bottom of this blog entry. I snagged them both from Cool Hunter. I get their newsletter and don’t always click the link. I love the fashion show with the guitar and old timey radio dresses. I also love the carmel corn packaging, how cute is that.

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