These things happen.

I just fell into a very deep bath tub, why you ask… Because my host here in London has a crazy raised wooden bath mat, a cookie monster door stop and it is 3 in the morning in London. These things happen.

Today we spent a delightful day in Hornschurch east of London with Jeff’s parents. They were so cute and took us to a proper English pub for an Easter Sunday lunch. I had some puffy pastry chicken thing that looked a lot like a pot pie if you are asking me. It was yummy either way. Spent the day out there visiting and seeing the sights. Jeff’s dad drives a cab, not a creepy mini cab, the black kind, and we drove all around.

After dinner we came back into London and wound up at some place called the Foundry where we saw some bad poetry. Later we went to a place called Bar Music and after that went to another place where honestly I did not catch the name.

I also wanted to rave about the great Mexican food I had last night in Covent Garden at La Perla and the shopping in Portabello Market. I scored some fun tops, watched a crazy guy dance, help jeff buy a suit and bought some cute hand made things for myself.

Tomorrow is shopping in Camden and a gig then off to Berlin.

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