The Upcyclist Party Contest

SINGER® Sewing Company and CRAFT Magazine are excited to present The Upcyclist Party Contest for all you resourceful sewers around the world!

Both SINGER and CRAFT like a good party but hate to waste resources on disposable decorations that just end up in landfills. We know you can help us come up with fantastic ideas that are hip and cool as well as eco-friendly.

Crafters have until November, 14th, 2008 to submit pictures online of party decorations that they have made from “upcycled” materials (or things that they already have in the house) to the flickr group called ‘The Upcyclist Party Contest’. SINGER will pick one Grand Prize winner and three runners-up.

The Grand Prize winner’s project will be featured in the SINGER® ad in the February issue of CRAFT Magazine. The Grand Prize winner will also receive one (1) SINGER® Curvy™ Sewing Machine with a retail value of $399. Three (3) runners-up will receive a SINGER® rolling sewing machine case ($79.99) and a subscription to CRAFT Magazine.

To help get your creative juices flowing I have a few fun upcycled crafts for you to peruse!

My current favorite contender is the Paper Flower Garland by Kwaii Crafter. It reminds me of the adorable Folded Magazine Valentine Girl from Leah Kramer’s Craftster Guide to Nifty, Thrifty and Kitschy Crafts and a folded magazine Christmas tree we made on Craft Lab, pictured is my friend Dave Lowe whipping up said tree.

Christmas decorations seem to be a popular theme in the genre of upcycling. Use an old tire as a wreath as seen in Merry Kitschmas or use some leftover fabric scraps and trim to create a holiday card like the one Kelly Wearstler made in an issue of Budget Living.

I treasure my vintage copies of Pack-o-Fun. It is after all the only scrap craft magazine. These two issues talk about making portraits out of cut-up holiday cards & the perfect Thanksgiving centerpiece out of things you already have in your fruit bowl. If you have any wall paper (or perhaps handmade collage paper) laying around according to the instructions you could make yourself quite a spiffy party hat.

Another fun party favor we whipped up out of recycled goodies on Craft Lab with Leah Kramer were the Light Bulb Christmas Ornaments. No reason these could not be strung and made into a garland and used for any party.

Also from The Craftster Guide to Nifty, Thrifty and Kitschy Crafts Leah and I whipped up some coffee can Santa Christmas tree toppers on Craft Lab. Just look what you can do with old cans and bottles, why you could create your own Ghost Town Centerpiece complete with chicken bone fence if you were so inclined.

Last but not least have yourself a Merry little Kitschmas with the help of a tree made out of rubber gloves or paper cups.

So are you planning on entering the big contest? Who wouldn’t want to win a free sewing machine? What are some of your favorite upcycled party and holiday decorations? I’m always looking for inspiration. I made a fun bracelet yesterday out of packing tape, fabric scraps and blue paint that I originally thought I might make into a candle holder and enter, but instead I think I might save the project for my next book.

9 Responses to “The Upcyclist Party Contest”

  1. Crafty Mama

    I seriously LOVE that paper cup tree! I have to do 15 centerpieces for a holiday banquet, and I’m thinking of those little paper pill cups they give you in the hospital…

  2. tamdoll

    Thanks for the heads-up on the contest. I've added something to the group pics, even though it's not sewing related, it was upcycling for a party & I thought it was worth sharing. I wish everyone would be more crafty and creative instead of wasteful – there's so many good ways to do that, especially for kids parties.

  3. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Oh goodie you should totally make a paper cup tree. I have also seem them put together like a hanging sputnik style light.

    Tamdoll so glad you entered. The description only loosely said it needed to be sewn. Does not look like they have a ton of entries so I’m sure they are thrilled to see everyone’s ideas sewn or not.

  4. signsoftimensuch

    Thanks for posting this..I put my Christmas Tree out of a recycled frame from GoodWill, an old Curtain used for the background, and a bag of jewelry from good will along with buttons to make my Christmas Tree for the Holidays, hugs, cheryl


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