The Sampler

I received my first package from The Sampler this weekend! It was really exciting for me. I had contributed 25 Woody Necklaces to go in other Samplers so in return I too got a package. The Sampler is a really cool project started by Maire Kare who wrote the awesome article Craft Fairs 101 that I was telling you about in Adorn Magazine. Anyway you write in get all set up and approved and then you become a part of a big swap of goodies. Some of your goodies are promised to go straight into the hands of the press so you might even get some editorial coverage out of the whole thing. It’s a really cool project and I totally plan on signing up for the June/July edition.

First up I thought I would share a picture of the left side of my car bumper. I have an array of stickers from crafty peeps like Sparkle Craft, Chia and All Dressed Up and Shy plus all the various bands my husband has been in. Inside my Sampler package was a sticker for the San Diego Craft Mafia and I slapped that bad boy right on next to all the other stickers. You can never have too many right?

I heart 1” buttons and there were two packs in my Sampler. One with original art by Nut and Bee and the other made from old bits of ephemera from Re-Conceived. I’ll have to give Vickie by yarn sample from Third floor Fibers. There were several different greeting cards by peeps like Andy Pratt and Pencil Shavings. I loved the excerpt from Croq zine about how “Big Companies Rip Off Indie Designers” I have always wanted to read that article. My friend Traci texted me from the Maker Faire this weekend and said “I’m reading and interview with you in Croq”. Two different pocket mirrors were included made with pictures from old books one my Re-Conceived again and the other by My Favorite Mirror. I love making these and used to sell them at Parts and Labour now I am selling my old book pages and pictures over at Etsy through my Crafty Collage Curios packs. I could smell the soap from Barcelona Bath and Body before I even opened the package and um-um does it smell goodie. I will be using the fabric covered bobby pin from Two Busy Bees pronto! Last but not least I thought the luggage tag from Destination Unknown was really clever.

Also in my bag o’ goodies were a handful of flyers for different Indie companies. I have looked all through them and now I think I will continue spreading the word and stuff them into my orders so that my customers can find out about all these new awesome companies.

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