The Roundtop Review – The Scores

Even though I trudged through the cow pastures of the Warrington flea market a weekend too late, I still managed to come home with a few treasures. Take for example this vintage mask and costume still in the box, I’m a little Halloween obsessed at the moment.

I keep picking up vintage bandaid tins for a craft project I have kicking around in my head.

No trip to Roundtop would be complete without a new addition to my Fisher Price collection. This little wooden lace up shoe is a little beat up but with some TLC he will feel right at home.

I love vintage Halloween masks and have recently started adding them to my collection. The woman who I bought the peach skinned mask from said she was turning 50 this year and that this was her Halloween mask as a child. She thought it was Morticia from The Adams Family. I actually like the acid green witch mask better.

I stumbled upon a table with $5 pieces of art. I bought all these to steal the frames from, but now they are growing on me. The transgendered vampire and the little boys on green have potential in a weird kind of way.

I can’t say no to vintage cupcake toppers. Some will probably go in jars of Crafty Curios, others made into jewelry and it is even possible that a few might make it to an actual cupcake.

I picked up a big stack of these old Meyercord Decals which I will be adding to my Etsy shop. They have such potential to embellish a highchair, gussy up a cabinet or cute-a-fy a cabinet.

Not only did I pick up vintage Halloween garb, I also picked up some new stuff too. The fun little reproduction owl mask looks great adorning one of the $5 pieces of art I bought. The glittery green witch sticks into a pumpkin. I’ve decided I need a bigger pumpkin than the one I got.

What do you think of my haul? Not too bad for a 1.5 days of shopping. Did you get any good loot if you went?

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