The Roundtop Flea Market Review Fall 2011

Some people love autumn because of the falling leaves, crisp air or upcoming holidays. I love it because it means the Roundtop Flea Market is upon us. Twice a year this huge flea market happens just down the road from Austin and twice a year you better bet my mother and I are there with bells on. The above tympani drum table, Snoopy phone and retro red china are just a few examples of the treasures you might find.

I think it is impossible to leave a flea market and not lament a few items that got away. I should have bought those A-Team party hats with Mr. T, my birthday is this weekend after all. I keep dreaming about a Casper the Friendly Ghost game board I decided was overpriced and what a cute Halloween decoration it would have made. The big fish that got away was the above vintage condom machine. I have always wanted one to hang in a spare bedroom or guest bathroom. They make me giggle. I was hot, tired, there was no one tending the booth to haggle with so I just took a picture and walked away. One day I will get my machine.

I wonder what the deal is with flea markets and rat sucked doll heads. Have you ever noticed they seem to be synonymous? This fall’s trip was no different. I wish I had picked up enough to make a Halloween wreath with, but you would be surprised how much people think eyeless doll heads are worth. I think I will scope out the thrift store for some dolls to decapitate.

How cute are these beaded ornaments? Mama might be making a batch for this year’s Christmas tree. Most of the beads seemed to be from broken jewelry and lord knows I have the motherload of that.

You know my sister has a soft spot for taxidermy and apparently this guy (according to the sign) needed a hug and she obliged.

This tree looked like it is from a game of Candy Land or the Wonka Factory. Probably why I love it so much.

One lesson I learned the hard way is never go to Roundtop on the final weekend of the show. I didn’t really have a choice this year, but several vendors were packing or gone by Sunday. Sure things may be priced to move and there are better deals to be had, but I prefer a larger selection and steeper prices I guess.

2 Responses to “The Roundtop Flea Market Review Fall 2011”

  1. emarci

    I couldn't get there this year, but wait until spring. If you are going to be in Houston at all check out Texas Art Asylum – they have a ton of doll heads. Thanks for the review and pics!

  2. Betty Crafter

    I am so with you on the Rountop love…actually I always hit Warrenton. I went on a Wednesday this year and it kind of seemed like a sweet spot. Hope you came home with some goodies!!


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