The Round Top Roundup

I am so tired right now I can hardly type. I am just sitting down and it is 11pm at night. I awoke at 8am, was on the road by 9am and then was combing the fields of the Round Top Flea Market by 11am. We did half of the fields in Warrenington today and will go back and do the other half tomorrow. Thursday will probably be Marbuger and the other random spots we have to drive around to. I came home with a pile of loot. Hope found two new pieces of taxidermy a deer we named L. Ron Suri and a bobcat named Zatarans Mcgillicutty. Karly bought some tie clips and mom got a Victorian jewelry display. Here are a few pictures, check out my Flickr account for more!

5 Responses to “The Round Top Roundup”

  1. twylitehope

    WOW! What a haul! You really lucked out. I’m jealous.
    Taxidermy animals really creep me out. However, I love that they have names. Yet, I totally think the bobcat should totally be Zatarans McgilliKITTY!! HA HA! I crack me up.

  2. Heather B.

    Can you please, please, PLEASE tell me how to get to this heavenly place called Round top roundup????? Please, please, please..I am officially whining now! I literally wanted to jump through the darn computer – I was crunching numbers in my head to offer to whoever had the “button’s” for the entire lot… I have figured that this place is in TX – but PLEASE fill me in on any specifics you can!! I


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