The Round Top Roundup Fall 2010

3 days full of shopping adventure in the middle of a cow pasture have come to a close, Round Top I miss you already. One of the highlights was on day 1. I took Tallulah with me and people would stop and say “oh is it baby’s first Round Top” and I would reply “no it is her 3rd, 4th if you count in utero”. I came home with oodles of good stuff that I will show with you in my next blog post. Today I wanted to share a few of the pictures I took to rub in what you missed. Don’t forget you can still go next weekend. If not this year there is always next spring.

One of my fave booths is always Clutter, they give good staging.

What do I always say: once you have 3 of something it’s a collection. Check out this ready made collection of hobby horses!

Rick rack can you really ever have too much? Just tonight my mom needed lime green ric rack and since I am a firm believer you can’t have too much trim I was able to oblige.

No Round Top Roundup is complete without the obligatory dirty doll head montage.

I thought I had hit the toy box jack pot when my eyes met with this colorful elephant, but alas he was $75.

I love these old medical posters. I wished I had Tallulah with me on the day I saw this gem so I could fully explain the whole “mommy has a baby in her tummy” concept.

Why oh why are vintage Halloween decorations so expensive. These blow mold lamps were $100-$150.

What don’t I want in this picture?

Round top is a crafter’s paradise whether you sew, embroider, mosaic – you name it.

As mother says “never buy a chair at a flea market”. If you have been walking all day in the heat on gravel any chair is going to seem comfortable even hard molded plastic ones like these. However, when chairs are this awesome does comfort really matter?

This little menagerie of cherubs again proves my theory that everything is better with a coat of day glow pink spray paint.

I could redecorate my whole house in one fell swoop at Clutter.

I have Halloween on the brain as I plan my annual pint sized Halloween party. This pile o’ plastic pumpkins kind of makes me rethink all the jack-o-lanterns I have been snubbing at the thrift store. Enough of anything starts to look cute.

It took a lot of will power for me not to go overkill buying vintage Fisher Price toys. I came home with a few, I’ll show ya in the next blog.

Some of the vendors get crafty with their antiques. What was once a boring old Rococo Revival chair now has polka dotted flower power. Put that in your Victorian parlor and smoke it.

Ok kids hold tight while I photograph my loot and I’ll be back with a part two to the fall 2010 Round Top Roundup.

5 Responses to “The Round Top Roundup Fall 2010”

  1. Eugenia

    So jealous. I have wanted to go since I learned of Ima and Youra Pig from friends in Texas. That was a mighty long time ago and I still haven't been.

    Thank you for sharing….

  2. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Eugenia I just learned something today. I do indeed know Ima Hogg (Youra is a tall Texas tale, Ima was the only daughter of governor Hogg). Anywhoo I had no idea one of her houses was moved to the town of Round Top. I actually don't shop in Round Top, it is mostly things like imports and jalapeno jelly. I shop in a small neighboring town called Warrington. ANYWAY I looked up Ima and didn

  3. KeLLy aNN

    We are heading to New Orleans this weekend, and I'm hoping to get some treasure hunting in, in between seeing The Cult of course! I want to find some goodies. I just scored some goodies from The Guild Shop in Houston last month, so I definitely like the Texas shopping…


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