The Round Top Roundup Fall 2010 – The Scores

Well I finally got all the goodies from my Round Top shopping basket photographed. It’s a smallish haul for 3 full days of shopping, but if you have seen the Etsy video of my house or Apartment Therapy home tour you know that I am packed to the gills around these parts. I have started saying for everything that comes into the house something else has to go.

One of my favorite scores of the flea market also happens to be a perfect illustration of an inexact market. I saw these adorable cardboard cut outs for toddlers at 3 different booths. The first booth had them for $35 each. A little steep for my blood. The second booth had them for $15 a piece. The third booth was in the middle at $20 a pop. I ended up getting these two for $20 at the $15 a piece booth when I asked the vendor if she would give me a better deal if I bought two. They will be perfect for my upcoming Halloween party and any other play dates!

I briefly debated not getting this Fisher Price Barn and Silo even though it was only $12. It was hot, the end of the day and I was far from the car and didn’t want to carry it – thank goodness I came to senses. The only pitfall is that the doors no longer moo when they are opened and closed.

Like most flea markets you can still get things like turkey legs, jalapeno jellies, ducks in bonnets and new things. I have Halloween tunnel vision at the moment so I was happy to find some reproduction vintage Halloween decorations. The actual vintage stuff is so expensive I can hardly afford it so these pumpkin pals and black cat were a welcome find.

It might be a few years before Tallulah can actually wear this little vintage dress, but I can wait. Mini bolero jackets are always a must have.

Kitschy dolls dressed in polka dots and wearing tortoise rim glasses call to me. Nestled into dusty piles I found these little gems. Not sure what I’ll do with them, but since when has that ever stopped me?

I thought this tin Peter Cottontail doll would fit right in with my Easter Bunny collection. He was earless, but my mom got crafty with felt and now Peter can hear once again – it’s a miracle.

I did manage to find a few vintage, or maybe I should say retro Halloween decorations. I also scored some big puffy black and orange paper balls that hang from the ceiling I didn’t photograph. Expect pictures later in October when I find a home for them.

More Fisher Price! Wobbles the dog is wood and only cost me, brace yourself….$5! I drove to the flea market with my father-in-law and we found Wobbles who is wood and heavy right off the bat. My sister and mother were meeting us later and I happened to see them driving down the road and ran across traffic to hand off Wobbles so I would not have to tote him around all day. I also found a Fisher Price Chime Ball and when I got home I realized that it was my 3rd one. whopsie.

So did you make it out to Round Top this year? Planning on going this week? I’d love to see your pictures or hear about what you scored!

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