The Round Top Review

I have only missed the Round Top flea market a handful of times since I discovered it’s majestic shopping awesomeness. Once I was in Los Angeles filming Craft Lab and for the 2009 spring show I had just given birth to Tallulah. Both flimsy excuses I know. This fall there was nothing that was going to hold me back – not a baby, not work, not weather – I was going. Thursday morning my mother and I packed up Tallulah in her stroller and headed out about an hour outside of Austin on a junk shopping mission.

I made a few new additions to my Fisher Price family like this aqua chime ball!

Rub-a-Dub-Dub I also found a Fisher Price 3 Men in a Tub. I remember having this one as a little girl.

Tallulah was quite a little helper making motorboat sounds and warming the hearts of all the dealers helping me get a better deal. I decided to start her out young on the flea market circuit just like my parents did with me.

The next flea market we go to I am going to ditch the stroller and just use the new Woolco grocery cart I got. I think it will look fab in my back yard filled with plants.

My mother who is obsessed with all things vintage Christmas got so much stuff it took 3 of us making 3 trips to her car to get it all packed up.

The big excitement of my 3 day shopping weekend was scoring an all new dining room. You can see what the old one looked like on Apartment Therapy. The polka dotted floor had seen better days, the stuffing is coming out of the chairs and I was just ready for a change.

Day 2 I spotted these lovely plastic cafeteria chairs in 3 shades of awesome. I took a picture to take home and show Chris and get his seal of approval.

The next day with the chairs still on my mind I scored this huge vintage pin ball machine glass that my sister and I named “Hank, Izzy and the Sluts”. A new frame and a little paint touch up and this my friends will be bad ass.

I found a Danish Modern table to go with the chairs and the pin ball glass, thank God the chairs were still there at the end of the day or I would have been in trouble. They got a quick bath in my front yard along with some bowling balls I snagged.

The bowling balls were easy to place, my new dining room is a bit more perplexing. I’m guessing you will be hearing more about my design dilemma in the coming weeks. We are getting new wood flooring in October where the polka dots once lived, the red curtains will have to go and I have no clue what color to paint the walls. I’m open to suggestions.

One of my favorite booths at Round Top is always Punkies Place. They have the cutest things and the best styling. I want to live under their tent.

More goodies from Punkies Place. The only items we actually scored were a big batch of old pageant trophies.

I think I have been watching a little too much Toddlers and Tiaras.

Georgie was most excited about all the bags that mom and I brought home from the flea market. You can see a bit of the vintage fabric my mom nabbed for making Christmas Stockings and a little Girl of the Year trophy in the picture.

On the second day of Round Top we traded in Tallulah for my friend Karly who purchased this fine piece of art for her home. Formal reclining nude with James Franco mountain.

One of my favorite purchases was this wee little aqua vinyl platform rocker for Tallulah. Every baby needs their own lounge chair.

I was giddy with excitement over all this loot. A giant bag of rick rack flowers, hand painted lady heads, square dancing bow tie and a speckled cafeteria tray!

Is it weird that I get really excited about things that come in bulk? Like these old perfume bottles. I didn’t buy any but they sure look pretty.

3 days later and miles of hot and dusty terrain covered I am worn out. After Austin City Limits this coming weekend I plan to just lay on the couch for days straight. Or at least while Tallulah naps.

16 Responses to “The Round Top Review”

  1. Chris

    I like how my DVD collection made it into this blog post. Although it's mostly blocked, the one where you can see "Big" at the top is Big Trouble in Little China. Escape from New York is also in there, second from left, next to the long lost Burt Reynolds classic Heat and of course, the obligatory Road House. You married me for my movies. Admit it.

  2. Average Jane Crafter

    I always *love* reading your Round Top posts. I have got to just get in the car and head out there myself one of these days. Sheesh!

    The rocker is

    I'd eat off that cafeteria tray every meal if I could!

    And I had that light up Santa (between the choir angels) when I was a kid! It was my favorite decoration!

    Hurrah! Can't wait to

  3. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Anne Marie – it killed me to leave the little orange rocker that was with this one, but I didn't need two. It's funny in the picture the chair looks adult size but it is wee in real life.

    Chris your DVD selections sucks sweetie, no one has the heart to tell you but me.

    James Franco mountain is scary and amazing all at once. The guy who she bought it was all like &

  4. KC

    OMGoodness I remember those chime balls….I need to get out to oe of these. I havent been to a swap meet or outdoor flea market in ages.

  5. karly / design crisis

    OH! That IS the piece of pinball glass Erin and I spotted, I'm so glad you got it, it's a good one!

    I saw that light up christmas tree wall piece and thought of your Mom, I'm glad you spotted it too.

    A++ on the table and chairs!

  6. Natalie

    I wanted to comment to each photo. Each one just got better and better as I scrolled down to read. I *love* the fischer price collection you've got going for Tallulah. I had that 3 men in a tub too! And dying over that painting w/ james franco. too cool. Your chairs really are awesome!!

  7. jungle dream pagoda

    Absolute utter delicious-ness!!!!!!
    I don't know what my fave is(besides the sleeping baby)!!!!!
    I love it all! Those caf chairs,the trophys,the baby rocking chair!!!!!
    Such an amazing haul!!!!!
    Also did your mom get that awesome-tastik X-mas tree picture? Wow!!!!
    I cannot wait to see how the dining room develops!!!

  8. ...stumptious

    I was so excited about your bowling ball collection! 'Used to have a whole bowling collection myself and I used a couple of my more decorative bballs as bookends by placing them in a small ring to ensure that they didn't roll on me. Everyone loved them.


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