The Round Top Flea Market Review Spring 2012

The Round Top flea market finished up for 2012 last weekend. I’m already counting down the days until the fall 2012 show. I went for 2 days this year and besides having my picture taken with a moose I saw and scored oodles of treasures. If you are ever in the Austin/Houston area during the first weekends of April or October I highly recommend a stroll through the cow pastures of Warrenington, TX.

I’m feeling a bit at max capacity when it comes to kitschy stuffed animals today so I had to choose wisely. I did come home with the Alvin bubble bath bottle and plastic cow. At a $1 a piece how could I leave them? It was hard to pass up the crochet amaguri Gizmo. Bright light, bright light, bright light!

I usually come home from Round Top with at least one new addition to my Fisher-Price collection. This year I went outside my comfort zone with this rustic folk art bird house. Not my usual style, but the FP clock sold me on it. I have to say it looks pretty cute hanging on the wall outside my front door.

I love all the oddball things you see at flea markets. This jester molesting a naked mannequin on a hospital gurney was a personal fave. I am still thinking about this large carnival ride and how cute it would be in my back yard. As for the big sequined panda head, well you know how I feel about big panda heads. Can you really ever have too many?

My sister and I scored a pair of matching Abe Lincoln head planters. She spray painted her’s hot pink (of course she did).

Did I mention I have an article up over at BlogHer today about how to shop a flea market with an up-cyclers eye? Check it out. I love the way someone up-cycled this bicycle tire to display pictures.

I kinda have a thing for string art lately. I loved this vintage piece and this store’s logo done in ric rac.

I’m such a sucker for anything in bulk. In the case of these vintage plastic Santa doll heads I can resell them in my Etsy store. With the arrows and barrettes it is like I bought a readymade collection. Ever since I saw the arrows Danielle Thompson made to put in her son’s room I have been dreaming of owning some vintage archery arrows. As for the barrettes I think the entire collection framed in a shadow box would be adorable hung in my bathroom or Tallulah’s bedroom.

If I had it to do over I might have brought this set of gumball machines home with me. They had a few issues, but were actually really cheap. There is also a chest high metal dollhouse cabinet that I left behind and keep thinking of. However, if I bought everything this spring there would be nothing to look forward to this fall.

8 Responses to “The Round Top Flea Market Review Spring 2012”

  1. Eugenia

    My my my…what fun. I'd be running around like a crazy person. I tell you it is a sickness. A very happy sickness.

  2. vintage honeybee

    Awesome! What an awesome event. My dad is in the process of relocating out that way. I will have to plan a trip around one of those times so I can go.

  3. Betty Crafter

    I already can't wait til fall! I'm also really wanting to check out other antique shows – there's got to be more, right? Canton is every month and I've had pretty good luck there before…

  4. Susan S.

    Loved your post. My friends and I went to Warrenton for the day and had a blast….even blogged about it. You found some really cool things.

    PS: Congratulations on the weight loss…you look great and healthy.


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