The Renegade Craft Fair Round Up

This past weekend Austin hosted the 2md annual Renegade Craft Fair. You better bet I was there with bells on doing a little shopping. Baxter woke up half way through hungry so I felt a little rushed. However, I was able to snap a few fun pictures to share. Check out all the people crafting at the Wonder Craft station!

Sunshine and Carousels gets my vote most clever display. I wish I had thought to use giant embroidery hoops and fun fabric.

I keep lamenting not picking up one of these headbands by Pretty Good Things. She had one with a little fawn in a sailor hat that keeps calling my name.

My buddies Anne Marie and Amy Barber were set up selling the cutest purses and hair clips you have ever laid eyes on.

Mosey Hand Made had a colorful and cute booth that caught my eye.

Last year everyone complained that there were too many print makers, but this year I felt like their were too few. There were a couple of vendors from last year that I was hoping would return, but alas. I liked the “I Love Nice People Who Make Cool Stuff” sign.

All the colorful chunky felt work in the Oceguera booth made it look like a candy shop. My sister Hope came super duper close to walking away with one of these headbands.

I wish I would have taken more pictures, but between a hungry baby and the fact that I was having camera difficulties (I need to break down and read my manuel) I only snapped a few. I didn’t even get to take a picture of my favorite item there. I saw a child’s hoodie lined with fun fur and monster horns on top. Super cute!

7 Responses to “The Renegade Craft Fair Round Up”

  1. jungle dream pagoda

    1 weekend too late to visit Renegade!
    Wah!! My oldest and I will take in the sights of s,congress this coming weekend.
    You need that bambi sailor hat…her stuff is SOOO cuteee!

  2. Rebecca

    I saw that hoodie! I was avoiding all of the baby booths (mine are old enough to walk and talk back!) but that caught my eye. I was kind of wishing it came in larger sizes.

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  4. Mary P.

    I liked that print too! There's always so much to take in at the Renegade fairs. Thanks so much for stopping by my booth and then taking time to mention it on the NSC blog! You're a bit of a star to me, so I feel famous by association. 🙂



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