The Oscars Bore me to Tears

I always find the Oscars rather boring. For one I don’t often go to the movies so the movies that are winning awards have not come through my Netflix cue making the Oscars not that exciting for me. Remember what happened when I tried to go and see No Country for Old Men? Need I say more. I did see Michael Clayton, but I think out of the biggies that is the only movie. Yup I have not even seen Juno, even though I had a friend recently say “the girl in Juno reminds me of you minus the teen pregnancy thing”. I watch the Oscar red carpet part to see what people are wearing, but even that bores me to tears year after year. The only thing I saw that caught my eye at all was Cate Blanchett’s necklace and earrings by Lorraine Schwartz. Anne Hathaway’s Marchesa goddess gown, though not at all my style, had interesting draping. I usually love all things leopard skin and even Diablo Coty’s dress did nothing for me. That being said Chris and I instead of watching the Oscars loaded up the dogs and went to Culvers for Milk Shakes and came home to watch Rock of Love.

SPOILERS COMING I have to say I was kind of glad that Bret was making out with Christy Joe in this episode because earlier in the evening as Chris and I were making our sloppy Joes (can I sound anymore white trash in this post between sloppy joes, rock of love and Culvers) anyway because I was pontificating that Bret clearly already has a thing for Daisy so the rest of the season is kind of pointless to watch. I felt bad for Peyton and Katherine, but we all knew they were going to leave sooner than later. Speaking of outfits man the elimination outfits on Rock of Love are so tackaliscious it kills me. I miss Heather and her stripper gear, but some of the other outfits are just as bad. Last night when Katherine left I noticed she had on a little sundress with black sheer hose and open toed white shoes. I screamed out loud and woke the puppy up. I think Christie Joe and Daisy are going to be our new Heather and Jess which of course means a season 3 thank God. Bret needs to go to Bravo and meet the bitchy Millionaire Matchmaker lady so she can lecture him on picking women more his age and wearing less eyeliner and then maybe someone would long term rock his world. Now I have to wait anixously for my friend Jen to write her snarky summary of this week’s episode so I can prolong my Rock of Love afterglow for the week.

The rest of our week and weekend consisted of Alice in Wonderland themed dinner parties, trips out to the country for puppy play dates, petting a donkey named Samuel, adding new goodies to Naughty Secretary Club, watching Year of the Dog which is an awesome yet super sad movie that made me almost cry 12 times, adding new stuff to my Etsy store, going over to my friend Erin’s in my jammies to watch a movie and more!

I promise to try and be a better blogger this week but I am here to tell you when you are having to follow a 10 week old puppy around constantly to make sure they don’t pee on your carpet not to mention wake up every day at 5ish with them it kind of sucks the life right out of you.

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  1. Contessa Kris

    Love your new post, and the new jewelry is fantastic! I feel kind of the same way as you do about the Oscars, but I was too much of a slug last night to get up and do anything else. So we watched.
    One suggestion on the puppy that we’re learning right now. If you keep a leash on them and keep it strapped to you, you’ll have them near when they need to go potty, you’ll see the potty dance, and

  2. Crafty Chica

    i’ve always thought they were boring too! last night was such a dud and the ratings show it. my favorite is the independent spirit awards! i think they rerun on ifc, you should check it out, all the fun stuff wins, wacky outfits, crazy speeches, etc…
    BTW: love the puppy!!!!!

  3. Moxieville

    We TiVod Oscar and headed to Santa Rosa to see those talented Wilson sisters,aka HEART! Man! Ann has got the pipes still! I remember them from my childhood. They just don’t get enough credit. So I had to add them to my blog music. Aww well. Anyway, sloppy joes, sounds yummy but I hope you guys used ground turkey instead of beef..hamburger re-call ya know! 🙂

    Red: the Oscars, I’m happy to

  4. dave

    oscars are always boring for everyone but I always watch anyway. really, I’m just posting this to tell you my blog home has moved.

  5. freshie & zero

    I didn’t watch the Oscars this year, either. I haven’t seen any of the movies up for grabs – all I saw last year was Knocked Up and Enchanted (both were fab). Juno looks good, but I can wait to rent it. Even all of the fashion shows devoted to the Oscars are starting to get a little ridiculous. It’s just so over the top and I’m kind of over it.

    Now if they had an indie business


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