The Oldest Shopping Center in the Country.

I have not written because I am in McKinney visiting my parents for the weekend. I had meetings here in the Dallas area Friday. I hung out with my old boss Sarah today and her twin boys Will and Matt. Remember when I was the administrative assistant to business and government relations? Well she was who I was an assistant to! Tonight I had dinner with my parents and an aunt and uncle from Tyler at a place called Cafe Pacific. The interesting thing about the restaurant is that it is a shopping center called Highland Park Village which apparently is the oldest shopping center in the country.

I leave you with Yogi. Did you know that Chris and I have been looking for an English Mastiff to rescue. Well we just found 2 at Austin’s Blue Dog Rescue.

*Addendum* I should have phrased this a little differently. Yogi and Boo Boo were dogs we were LOOKING at adopting and still are. We have not gotten them yet and honestly doubt we will. Unfortunately I head back from the rescue group and you have to adopt both dogs which we can just not do. Also one of them is not good with cats and well we have to think of Georgie. We will just have to keep looking.

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