The most wonderfully tack-a-licious thing I have seen in a good long while.

I took this picture on my phone yesterday at the flea market, creepy indeed. These are the kinds of things you see out there for displays. I went into another booth yesterday with Hope that had that this mechanical oscillating life sized 8 year old kid doll dressed in a giant Mardi Gras costume. The costume was this huge ostrich feather covered concoction from the 60’s with a wing span of maybe 6 feet. The kicker however was that in the 80’s the people had attached a sequined ET doll (as in the extra terrestrial) to one of the wings. Just to bring it more up to date or something. I guess when the man that wore this costume walked down the street he would throw Receses Pieces instead of beads to get the girls to lift up their shirts.

I bought lots more fun jewelry parts on yesterday’s trip. Hope, Katherine and Cory came with mom and me. I don’t know that I got anything for myself or the house yesterday. There was this huge plastic faux plant from the 60’s that I wanted really badly. Everyone kept saying how awful and tasteless it was, but that was the beauty of it. It was taller than me and needed a bath desperately, but it was the most wonderfully tack-a-licious thing I have seen in a good long while. He would have looked so good in my Florida room. Alas he was $75.

Today is my last day out in the fields, wish me luck. No whammies. Big money.

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