The longest day ever!

Yesterday seemed like one of the longest days EVER!

I started with a conference call over at Vickie’s house in the morning. More work for Craft Out Loud. We are going to be looking for some Austin craftettes to be helping us with some focus group stuff soon!

After the call the email I had been waiting all week for came in, my book proposal was approved. Hooray! I have been threatening to write a Naughty Secretary Club book for forever and a day and it actually looks like it is finally going to happen. Look for the Naughty Secretary Club jewelry book in summer 08 through North Light. I’ll keep you posted as I find out more.

Next on the agenda was a Stitch meeting with Graham from Emo’s / Fun Fun Fun Fest. FFFF is a really awesome festival that Graham started last year that had all kinds of awesome bands play and this year is going to be even more beyond awesome. The Hives, Of Montreal and more! FFFF is the weekend before Stitch in November so come to town and stay awhile.

After lunch I came home for 2 seconds and snagged Hope to go thrift store shopping. Not a pleasure trip, this one was for work. Looks like I am going to be digging into the vaults and making some resin goodies. I am going to be flying to Vancouver next month to film an episode of She’s Crafty for Canadian HGTV and am going to be making a resin bracelet and some resin coated TV trays. Should be an awesome trip because I have never been to Vancouver, Ladyfest is the same weekend I am there and the host of She’s Crafty is also in the Vancouver Craft Mafia! At the thrift store by some whim of God I scored a set of 4 trays for the show.

Speaking of books the Austin Craft Mafia is working with a packager on our first book. We had to have some proposal ideas in by today and of course I had waited until the last minute so I had to sit down and do that.

In the early evening I put together a few packages, paid off some EBAY auctions, wrote some emails and tied up a few loose ends. Travis was not at work today so I needed to get a few things done. Looks like I am going to be hiring a second assistant in the next month or two. I need someone who is organized, internet savvy and can pretty much keep Travis and I in line.

Chris’s band Beta Valentine had a show at the Conan’s Pizza down the street from our house of all places. This Conan’s is small and 70’s and I have never known them to have shows. Hey it was 2 blocks away and I got pizza so that is all I really care about. It was a benefit for some underground radio station called Kaos and it was quite interesting. There were crusty punks, teenagers from the nearby high school, girls in bikini tops, indie rockers, lots of adults and then eventually the police when it got too loud. I was home and in bed with Forensic Files on before that drama started. I have a birthday party to attend today and a trip downtown tonight so I have to conserve my energy.

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