The Bad Tiger Lieutenant – New Art by Hope Perkins

Wednesday Chris and I took Tallulah to her first art viewing. Actually it was her first outing in public other than the pediatrician’s office. It was not just any art show it was to see New Art by Hope Perkins – who just happens to be her Aunt Hope , at The Hideout in Austin. That sister of mine has once again blown me away with her artistic awesomeness. This collection of tigers and taxidermy may be my favorite yet. If you hurry you can still see the art until the end of March. Don’t forget she still has pieces hanging at The Longbranch too!

Feeling arty? Take a stroll through some of our past blog posts that remind me of these paintings: Upcycling Taxidermy, Telephone Cording Trends and Two Heads are Better Than One.

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