The Anatomy of a TV Craft Show

Why would you watch the Super Bowl today when you could be watching the Knitty Gritty Knit In on DIY Network. The choice is so clear to me, even if I don’t knit. I may not knit, but did you know that I have a color of yarn named after me? Vickie Howell has her own line of yarn out through South West Trading Company and all the yarn colors are like inside joke code names for crafters. There are 3 categories of the gorgeous soy silk yarn Craft, Rock and Love. Under the Craft section look for my color Jennifer which is the exact color of my house with the trim being the colors Martha (Martha Stewart) and Chica (Crafty Chica). Oh and peep Mafiosa color an homage to all the Craft Mafias! Rock has colors like Siouxsie, Joan (Joan Jett) and Kim & Kelly (The Breeders/Pixies – who were guests on Knitty Gritty). Then the colors under Love are named after famous couples, Harold and Maude being my favorite.

OK back to TV talk, let me fill you in on what you can see on CRAFT LAB this week starting with the new episodes on HGTV at 9am Central. MONDAY: John Ahr and I make a plexiglass Lantern. The techniques in this episode have so many jewelry making possibilities it made my head spin. TUESDAY: Polymer Clay Pops when Anne Igou stops by Craft Lab. Her mom is after all polymer class goddess Lisa Pavelka. WEDNESDAY: Keri Plezia stops by Craft Lab to show how to make a kaleidoscope. THURSDAY: hipster parasol. FRIDAY: Karen Mitchell has a few tricks up her sleeve to get some Metallic Clay Effects.

Both Ann and Karen Mitchell were guests on Craft Lab, and adorable ones at that. They write a monthly column for and the current column is entitled The Anatomy of a TV Craft Show and is all about their experience as guests on Craft Lab. If you were ever curious about the inner workings of how the shows come together and what it is like to be a guest be sure and read the article.

Over at DIY Network you can catch more Craft Lab at 11am Central. MONDAY: Why spend a bazillion dollars on a Fondant Cake for your wedding when Edith Meyer is going to show you how to make your own. TUESDAY: Seth Savarick shows us that you can screen print on polymer clay. WEDNESDAY: Cutie pie Sonya Nimri shows us all about Foam Crafts. THURSDAY: Is it just me or does this episode air every week? Doesn’t matter to me because from all my new revamped vintage earrings you can tell that I love it when Traci Bautista stops by and makes Collage Paper. FRIDAY: Let me tell you that Airbrushing a Skateboard is harder than it looks, but Chris DeRubeis is a great teacher. At 3:30 Central Heidi Reimer-Epp and I will be whipping up some Recycled Paper.

Also on DIY Network at 2pm Central you can catch the Austin Craft Mafia girls and I on Stylelicious. TUESDAY: Tina, Jen and Susann whip up some Eco-Friendly Fashions like skirts out of sheets and paper bags into passport cases. THURSDAY: Old to New is the theme with Karly, Tina and Susann making capes and slip dresses.

Remember if you are digging the shows please be sure to let HGTV and DIY Network know you wanna see more Indie Crafty Goodness on TV.

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