That’s so N.E.E.T.

I wanted to give you a quick rundown on what you can see on Craft Lab before the week really got started. Today I hang out with my good buddy Traci Bautista and make collage paper. Tuesday Amy Rachlin and I do some cool tricks with photo emulsion. The picture is Amy and I on the set! Wednesday is spa gifts for men with Sabrina Collins makes. Thursday Elizabeth Dunn and I play around with heat guns and turn condensed milk into faux suede. Friday I have not one but two guest in the Craft Lab with Walter and Gwen Kanabe when we do some crafting with dad. Weekdays at 11am Central on the DIY Network.

Oh and I wanted to say thanks to Sister Diane of Crafty Pod for listing an episode of Craft Lab as a reference on mosaics! Whoo-hoo!

I just got an email in my inbox from Stephanie at N.E.E.T. letting the world know that the new issue is currently online. What is N.E.E.T.? Well only the best online fashion magazine there is. Keep your eyeballs peeled for the Stitch and Austin Craft Mafia Ads. I flipped through the issue quickly this morning and my toes were curling with delight already!

With magazines on the brain that reminds me I finally saw the new issue of Bust magazine with Chloe Sevigny (Big Love is back June 11th!!!!) on the cover. If you look very closely there is a page towards the back of the issue with pictures from the Bust SXSW party. In the upper right hand area you can see a picture of my friend Erin and I reading a copy of Bust. We hit the party this last March and had our picture snapped. Please take extra special notice of my fake nails and Texas shaped sunglasses.

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