Team Fabrication – Best Accessory Designer

I recently ran into Austin socialite Jen Rea while out on the town and was surprised with a trophy! It’s not everyday a girl goes to lunch and in the middle of her egg salad sandwich a trophy for Best Accessory Designer in Austin is placed in front of her. Pretty much made my day and then some. Jen is ½ of Austin’s fabulous Team Fabrication fashion show which was held back in November. Due to the fact that these days I’m in bed by 10 pm I was unable to attend the fashion show and award ceremony. Lord knows I am not one to miss an opportunity to get dolled up and possibly win an award, but it was after all extenuating circumstances. Either way reports came back to me that I had won the award of Best Accessory Designer in Austin and that somewhere out there was a trophy with my name on it. Well lucky for me Cory and I decided to have lunch at Jen’s place of employment on Friday and she just so happened to have my amazing trophy in her car! Cory snapped a picture of me right then and there on the patio of the restaurant of me beaming with my trophy. Thanks oodles to everyone in Austin who voted for Naughty Secretary Club I feel all warm and squishy inside and have the trophy proudly displayed on my desk as I type.

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  1. Denise T

    I had no idea you were preggers! I just had my first last April. Your life will change profoundly. I’m sure he or she will be a doll, and very creative. Good luck, and if you need any maternity advice, don’t hesitate.

    The ladies of Pussycat


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