Tallulah in the Press!

Tallulah is making mommy proud at only 3 months old and already working on filling up her press kit. Well OK her mom is working on it for her. This baby has already scored herself 4 pieces of press!

First up our friend Karl from Party Bots reported about Tallulah and her sasquatch onesie that I made using one of his pieces of art as an appliqué.

Spearmint Baby featured Tallulah’s digs on their blog. Next step, Oh Dee Doh.

Ed from Stencil 1 was so pleased that we used his fawn stencil on a onesie he blogged all about it!

While preggers with Tallulah I went on a Sublime Stitching embroidery bender and now we are reaping the benefits with cute outfits galore!

Maybe Tallulah will grow up to be a PR or marketing person. It would make mommy so proud.

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