Taking Some Crafty Classes

Last night was my last class at Craft-o-Rama for October. I wrapped up my 3 part series on how to run a small business with “How to Take Your Business to the Next Level”. We chatted about You Tube, putting together a reel, courting companies for product lines and endorsements, getting book deals and more. I’ll probably be teaching the class again in December or January.

Never fear, I have two jewelry classes I am teaching in November….

Bracelets Galore! Sat. 11/8 11:00am-1:00pm
In 2 hours you will make 4 different bangle bracelets! First up you will wrap and adorn a bracelet with ribbons. Next up will learn to reuse and recycle when we decoupage a bracelet with paper. Some people knit with yarn, others wrap bracelets with them. The last project will be something straight out of the new Naughty Secretary Club book, the Thank You for Calling Bangle. We will be learning how to make a bracelet from scratch and covering it with telephone cording. Jen will bring all the supplies you need to make 4 bracelets including tons of fun papers, yarn ribbons, telephone cording and more for you to choose from but feel free to also bring your own. $40

Making Your Own Revamped Vintage Necklace Thurs. 11/13 700pm-900pm
This two hour class will teach you all the basics you need to get started whipping up jewelry. Jen will bring all the supplies you need to string up a necklace including findings and a big stash of Naughty Secretary Club goodies for you to choose from. You will also get your own beading board to take home! After you make your perfect revamped vintage necklace we will be learning basic wire wrapping and making a matching pair of earrings. Once you have this skill down you will be able to make almost anything! Again all the findings and beads will be provided. Bring your own set of jewelry tools if you have them or Jen will have sets at $10 a pop for sale. $40

Teaching all these classes has got me to thinking lately, why don’t I take a few classes myself? There are several classes offered around town I am interested in. One day I’d love to take a silk screening class, pottery has always intrigued me and my mom still has her wheel and kiln that she said I could have, plus one day maybe I will learn to knit.

I keep looking at adorable little felt baby booties on Etsy and could save myself a bundle if I took the 3 hour felt Baby Booties class. Needless to say mine could never be as cute as the ones pictured by Piddies, Stops and Starts (these are adult size Mary Janes!!!) and Pedro Sprout – but a girl can try can’t she!

To knit or to crochet that is the proverbial question. Knitting seems to involve so much counting and I already know the basics of crochet. I am basically just looking for an excuse to use my friend Amanda’s yarn for something. I think I might just take the refresher course at Craft-o-Rama about crochet. I hope the instructor does not remember me as the girl who’s sister spilled a beer on her dog at the bar. I recognized her from her picture and heard she brings a little dog to class. Hopefully he does not smell like Miller Lite anymore.

When I saw the Tweet from my friend Traci about Jay McCarroll’s new fabric line at the Houston quilt show I was immediately intrigued. I love the kooky little prints, especially the one with the white rabbits that is a little on the Watership Down side but still awesome. If I had not already picked out fabric for Lil’ Whip’s room I might just go the Jay route. However that is not to say I could not sign up for a quilting or baby sling class at Craft-o-Rama and use the fabric for something else. As a matter of fact I think I may just do that!

Do you take craft classes? Or do you prefer to learn your new crafts from books, magazines, the internet or crafty TV shows? Just curious how everyone acquires their crafty skills. I remember in the summers I would be in different summer camps, many of which had crafty classes. I even took paper making once. I loved the classes so much and have not taken a craft class in almost 10 years when I took a jewelry class to update my skills. I guess I am a book learner. Well that and I got 2 seasons worth of hands on training from the experts filming Craft Lab and Stylelicious.

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  1. noisy penguin

    I mostly learn from books or by experimenting. I like the idea of craft classes, but I can never seem to find ones that mesh with my schedule. I took a two-night sewing class once, but was sick for the second night, leaving me with pieces of a skirt and no idea how to assemble them.

  2. Jen

    I always thought you have to do a lot of counting in CROCHET! That’s why I have been hesitant to learn! I don’t know why but crochet is kind of intimidating to me and just the other day I thought ‘well maybe I’ll just stick to knitting!’

  3. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Ya I am getting into the idea of taking classes and not just taking them. I went to Art Unravelled a couple of summers back and took some jewelry classes by Susan Lenart Kazmer that were amazing and figured I should start taking some more. That sucks about your skirt. I learn a lot from books and magazines too. I’m that crafter that just looks at the pictures and forgets to read the

  4. Marieke


    Here’s a not-so-secret-anymore reader from Europe (The Netherlands). Love the stuff you make and those are amazing pieces of fabric. Unfortunately those kind of patterns are a very rare find on my side of the world.

    I try to teach myself stuff. Took a few artclasses and studied art history in college (which has nothing to do with crafts, offcourse), but knitting, sewing etc.

  5. noisy penguin

    I eventually finished the skirt…about a year later when I found the pieces after moving. It forced me to figure out zippers, and I swore at it a lot, but I still wear it. =)

  6. kaytea

    I would love to take classes, but there aren’t good ones here. (Sacramento) So I mostly just try stuff from magazines and the internet.


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