SXSW aka Twang Fest

So I am taking today off from SXSW. I have gone out every day except one since last Saturday. That is the way SXSW is though crazy running around. I have mostly been joined at the hip with Erin and Cory for the festivities. I love that I did not buy a wrist band and have had a wonderful week. There are always so many free day shows with free drinks and food, it’s hard to beat. I have been to parties for magazines like Vice, Jane and Chunklet. Seen bands such as Lady Sovereign, Levy, Fiery Furnaces and Earlimart. Been to venues like Beauty Bar, Red Scoot Inn, Fuel and countless other places I have never set foot in once the entire time I have lived in Austin. Seen lots of old friends and have had an overall awesome week.

As much fun as it is, last night about did me in – hence why I am taking the day off to recuperate. Tomorrow might still be fun to go out, but I might stay home then too. Chris is off getting the ingredients to cook me pork chops and baked macaroni and cheese for dinner. We have Super Size Me, The Constant Gardner and The Purple Rose of Cairo here from Netflixs so I am a happy girl to lay on the couch all day. Well I did go downtown to see Chris’s band play at 3, but beyond that it is all about me and the couch.

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