SXSW 2007 Roundup

I don’t even know where to start since SXSW is all kind of blur. Non-stop parties, Austin Craft Mafia booths, out of town friends and more. I’d like to start with saying now that I am back to my real life I am over the amusement of the acrylic nails. They were a fun accessory for the week, but when it comes to things like typing and texting they are not awesome.

Let’s start with Wednesday since it is the first real day of the festival. Another important note about this SXSW roundup is that I did not have a pass to the festival. Most locals just RSVP to all the free parties during the day and late at night. That way you get to see all the bands plus free food and booze in most cases. I went more for the parties this year rather than the music.

So on to Wednesday… I can’t remember the order in which this day occurred, but I do remember there were a lot of parties. This was the day where we floated around to make sure we got our wristbands to everything. You RSVP, but this does not guarantee entry into anything. We went to Emo’s where we saw a bit of The Smoking Popes and hooked up some friends. Erin, Jeff and I went to Mohawk for The Austinist Party where my friend Justin was nice enough to VIP us and we got free food and drinks. We left just before Architecture in Helsinki played. Somewhere in-between here we also went to Beauty Bar to secure our wristbands for the Puma/Urb party and over to Casino El Caminos. The big party every year is thrown by Fader Magazine and Levis and luckily we all were on the list for this party as well. The venue was awesome, free drinks and an Aqua Teen Hunger Force room. Later in the evening Erin and I popped into another party or two then over to meet Hope and Kurt at Side Bar. Without an official SXSW wristband you can’t get in most places at night. I was taking Jeff to day shows and Chris had bought a wristband to take him out at night. By 10 I was home in bed.

Thursday I started the day by setting up my stuff for the Austin Craft Mafia booth at South by San Jose. I also restocked Parts and Labour. Erin swung by and picked Jeff and I up off of S. Congress and we were on Red River before 1. We were some of the first people into the Bust Magazine Party at Red 7. We snagged copies of the magazines and said hi to some people. The ladies of Northern State were their DJing the event so I got to introduce myself. I was sad we were not able to make it across town for the Venus Party. Early on we realized that my Fader wristband had fallen off at home so that meant I could not get into that party. It was just as well because I had to go and work at the booth with Travis at 3. It was actually really good because I got to hear Octopus Project play as I worked. After my shift I met the gang at Serranos for a quick dinner. Jeff split off for night time shows and Erin and I made our way to the Red Scoot Inn for the NASA party where Spank Rock and Bonde de Role were playing. Here we met up with Cory, Whitney, Hope and Kurt. Erin and I actually only made it until Kid Sister played (who was awesome) then Cory AKA our ride was leaving and so were we.

Friday for some reason I decided to wear overalls. We floated around and saw some good shows. Sondre Leche was at Beauty Bar and I found it we left right before Plastic Little played! Caught like 2 songs by the Pipettes at Emo’s and saw The Annuals at Mohawk. Over at Fader we saw Amy Whinehouse play while Katherine and I looked for Perez Hilton. That day on the street I had passed by Thurston Moore and Perry Farrell and I was looking for Perez Hilton. Oh well. We all ran over to Jackalope for quick bite and hopped to a few more parties. That night was the I Heart Comix after party at Blue Genie. Though I had RSVPed the line was so long it would have taken hours to get in. Luckily I saw my friend Kevin who is one of the owners and he gave Cory, Erin and I all wristbands. Inside the bar was crazy crowded, but free again. The first band on was The Federation and they were awesome. They sang my new My Space song “Stunna Glasses at Night” and everything. It was loads of fun getting to see everyone, but sadly the party was shut down by the police pretty early on. Was supposed to go until 5am, but the fire marshal was not having that apparently. So by accident another earlyish night to bed.

Saturday was by far the longest day that about broke me. Erin had to go back to work but Cory had the day off to play with Jeff and I. We started the afternoon early with free bloody marys and Cuban food at Habana for the Nylon party. We saw We are Monsters play. After their set we ran over to Mohawk to catch Page France. From here we popped into Beauty Bar to say hi to some people. Grabbed some pizza then headed to Lovejoys. At some point we went over to the Flatstock poster show to see my friend Chris from Vermont. We ended up at the Fader party where we saw Redman from Wu Tang and danced to some DJs. Kevin and I walked to my booth at San Jose where I sat until 10ish when Susann and I went back to her house. We had gotten wind that the Vice Magazine after party had been moved to the Elks Lodge. I never made it to pick up my wristband for this party but what do you know Susann is an elk. This party was totally wild and crazy and was supposed to go all night. Saw a lot of friends and got to watch Les Savy Fav play a few songs. Eventually the police came to shut this party down too. On our way out Susann and I realized that the railing and outside wall to their balcony had fallen off. How no one was hurt I will never know. I got a text in the parking lot from Cory saying “just saw the wall fall and Kirsten Dunst arrive”.

Needless to say yesterday I laid on the couch all day and this week I am not leaving the house and working non-stop. SXSW is fun, but man it will suck the energy out of you.

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