Sunday in the Trailer Park

Jeff comes all the way from London to visit and Chris and I take him to a trailer park. Well they are about to get rid of the Shady Grove Trailer Park on Barton Springs to build condos so I decided we would take a little walking tour so that I could admire the airstreams. Chris and I honeymooned at a trailer park called The Shady Dell in Bisbee Arizona so I have a soft spot for them.

This wasn’t the only thing we took Jeff to do. As mentioned we also took him to the kite festival and a roller girls game. We also went down to the new 2nd street shopping area in Austin and poked around the fancy pants stores. This is a picture I took of one of the store windows. We almost bought this set of wee little gnomes from Blue Genie over Christmas and now seeing them in this arrangement of succulents I am wishing we had. Look closely one of the gnomes is Nick Nolte and the other is Gene Hackman. Not pictured is the third gnome who looks like Michael Caine. They are pretty awesome.

Other than that we went to Austin Java for breakfast and Jackalope for dinner not to mention Casino El Caminos for a drink in-between.

Having out of town guests makes you treat your hometown like you are on vacation and you end up going to all these new and exciting places you would otherwise never visit. Think today we are headed to the Women and Their Work Gallery to see the Elaine Bradford Freaks of Nature exhibit.

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