Summer Goal – Hit Every Pool, Splash Pad & Swimming Hole in Austin!

I have decided to make it my summer goal to hit as many pools, splash pads and swimming holes in Austin as humanly possible. Tallulah is my co-pilot on this quest and good thing she loves the pool just as much as her mommy. Anyone who lives in Austin knows that we have a lot of swimming options here. We could go to a different place every day and probably not get to them all. This might be a two summer goal. Throughout the summer as Tallulah and I knock out our list, I thought I would keep you posted with a few brief reviews.

So far this summer Tallulah and I have hit Garrison Municipal Pool, West Enfield Pool and Deep Eddy Pool. West Enfield was small, free, quiet and shaded. There was a small spout in the corner with water pouring out that entertained Tallulah thoroughly. There is no formal baby pool, but the shallow end (2ft-ish) is sectioned off from the rest of the pool.

Garrison Pool is walking distance from my house so I was crushed to discover that the shaded baby pool is under construction. The regular pool is crowded and at times a little over stimulating for a baby in a floaty. When their baby pool opens I will re-evaluate the situation.

Deep Eddy is my favorite so far this summer. The pool is split in two with a spring fed section for swimming laps and a chlorine section for frolicking. The best part about Deep Eddy for kids besides Jim Jim’s Water Ice and the large shaded grassy area to sit is the shallow end. When I say shallow I mean 6″s or so. The depth of the pool is graduated like a beach which is great for a toddler.

I already have plans for a visit to a splash pad and a back yard baby pool date this week. I’ll give you another review when Tallulah and I have a few more spots under our belt. In the meantime Austinites, where are your favorite places to get wet? With or without kids.

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