Summer Goal – Hit Every Pool, Splash Pad & Swimming Hole in Austin Part 2

Have you been waiting with baited breath for the next installment of my summer swimming extravaganza? Well I have been dying to tell you about it! Tallulah is turning into quite the water bug this summer!

First up I discovered that South Park Meadows is the perfect spot for shopping and summer fun. After a morning of sandal shopping with my sister Hope we took Tallulah and her friend Sylvia to the splash pad in the center of the shopping center. Not only is there free splashing to be had there is also Amy’s Ice Cream, a great playscape, grassy areas to throw a blanket down and several different restaurants to choose from.

Since I was heartbroken about the baby pool at Garrison being under construction I was pleased as punch with my visit to Dick Nichols Pool. So much so that I find myself going several times a week. The pool is free and not only is there a large and less crowded normal size pool there is also a baby pool. If you look closely in the picture you can see Tallulah in her blue bikini enjoying her swimming lessons. There is also a nice 1 mile trail around the park perfect for walks and bike rides. Tallulah enjoys their park amenities as well.

My favorite swimming spot of the summer thus far was Krause Springs. The springs are located in Spicewood, TX about 30 miles west of town. The $5 admission included butterfly gardens, a man made spring fed pool, lots of trails, scenic beauty, waterfalls and of course swimming. I have to say that though we had tons of fun I will be waiting until Tallulah is a bit older before returning. There are slippery rocks, deep water and steep inclines to navigate. When she is 5 and has lots of swimming lessons under her belt and has been walking for longer than 3 months I will feel better about a return visit. However, it is almost worth the trip to take in the scenery. I leave you with a few pictures from Krause Springs.

6 Responses to “Summer Goal – Hit Every Pool, Splash Pad & Swimming Hole in Austin Part 2”

  1. Halo Hill

    How darling Tallulah is!! The look on her face is utter and complete joy. What a cutie! I love her name too, by the way! Would it be okay for me to blog that photo of her in a post about happiness? Precious. Best of Summers to you!


  2. Austin's Music Diva

    If you want to try cool swimming spots just outside Austin, you can come see us in Marble Falls..

    Coming in over the bridge on Hwy.281, you cross Marble Falls Lake, and you hang first left. That takes you to our gorgeous pool and pavilion area that overlooks the Lake.

    Ahhh.. the sweet life! Dee 🙂

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  4. Laura

    We love the springs, however I have scars, yes ugly scars on my legs and foot from a terrible fall I took on the rocks. T is a doll! Happy Swimming.


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