Sublime Stitchmas

Remember several weeks ago when I told you about the Sublime Stitchmas contest that Sublime Stitching and Chronicle Books were holding? Garth at Extreme Craft and myself here in the land of Naughty Secretaries all helped choose the winners. Behold their impressive emboridery skills! Each winner gets blogged about, free Naughty Secretary Club jewelry, free Sublime Stitching goodies and that warm squishy feeling inside that they are the best! There were actually lots and lots of cute entries it was hard to choose. Here is what the winners had to say about their creations….

1st Place – Heather Roark: T’was the Day of the Dead Before Christmas Bowling Shirt
About her project: “My husband is forever complaining that in all my crafting I never make him anything. I took the Handmade Pledge and decided I would make something for him. He loves anything that is a little off kilter. He also loves bowling shirts. He has several in his closet but he almost never wears them.
I started embroidering on the front with the Dia De Los Muertos Patterns. I was obsessed! Being a big guy the back was a great canvas to carry on the theme. I searched the web for Day of the Dead coloring pages to embroider on the back. It took me a month but it’s now done in time for the holidays. I know he is going to love it!”

2nd Place – Amber Adams: Shark Attack Jacket
About her project: “This is the ‘Shark Attack!’ jacket I made for my best friend for Christmas. It’s constructed of two blue crew neck sweatshirts using
a hand-drafted pattern. It is fully faced and lined in red, and is
meant to look as if the shark is eating the owners face! I came up
with the idea and constructed the garment entirely of my own design.”

3rd Place – Katie Opitz: Embroidered Child’s Drawings Quilt
About her project: “I made this quilt for my 6-year old son and embroidered some of his drawings on it for a Christmas gift.”

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