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I’m a big fan of music and music related crafts so it’s no big surprise that I will be on tomorrow’s episode of Stylelicious entitled Rock n Roll. Tune into DIY Network bright and early (6am Central) to rock out with your, well you know the rest.

Tina Sparkles combines old band shirts and a Victorianesque blouse to create a frilly rock frock. Jen Arntson spray paints cool designs on shirts and tote bags. I’ll be busting out the guitar picks to make some jewelry like the earrings above I had featured in Seventeen Magazine. Want more music crafts? Oh I got more music crafts…

Some people listen to records, other’s make them into bracelets and wear them.

What do you do with the centers of those records that you didn’t use making bracelets? Turn them into coasters, duh even rockers don’t want rings on their tables.

You have heard of head to tail cooking? Well I like to do head to tail crafting. I used the entire record to make bracelets and coasters, now let’s use the jacket to make a mustache mask.

What is a girl to do when their Lionel Richie cassette tape breaks? Make a gift bow and wish someone a jumbo jumbo birthday.

When your record gets scratched don’t toss it out, make it into a clock instead.

Nothing says rock like a black velvet painting.

Could you even tell this spiffy mod screen was made of painted vinyl records? Bet you never considered decorating your house with vinyl.

Have you seen the purses my mother makes out of vinyl records? Ya the acorn does not fall far from the tree.

Lastly if you wanted to make a rock n roll holder for your new rock n roll earrings this is your chance.

Do you do any rock n roll crafting? I clearly have a soft spot for the art and would love to see what you do with old records, cassettes, guitar picks and what not.

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