Stylelicious – Picture Perfect Accessories

Tomorrow on the DIY Network at 6:30 AM Central tune in to Stylelicious. Here is the blurb from DIY….A picture is worth a thousand style ideas! Host Karly Hand shows how to make a camera case, accented with a transparent pocket to showcase your latest photo. Host Jesse Kelly Landes personalizes a photo pet collar. Host Jennifer Perkins makes a one-of-a-kind pendant with shrunken photos. Every Thursday get your craft on with the Austin Craft Mafia.

I have a few other picture perfect suggestions for ya…
Personalized Appliques
Father’s Day Beer
Cupcake Topper Necklaces
Customized Thank You Notes

5 Responses to “Stylelicious – Picture Perfect Accessories”

  1. KeLLy aNN

    oh oh, a new Stylelicious?
    Its only been FOR~EvEr! "}
    Thanks for the heads up, going to check and make sure Tivo picks it up.

  2. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Well I wouldn't exactly call it new since we filmed it years ago, but since they have not been on the air it is kinda new. Glad you are excited about it and hope you like the episodes. Now if only DIY still had the instructions for the projects on their website.

  3. Anonymous

    Hi Karly,

    I just love your picture perfect camera bag. I would love to find the pattern you have. Is there anywhere I can find it? Ive been searching and searching but no luck in finding it. I love how you have it all in one piece. Thanks for all of your great ideas. Aloha Blossom


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