Stylelicious – Men’s Shirt Re-Do (plus crafts with watches)

Wake up at the butt crack of dawn tomorrow (6am central) or set your DVR and join Karly Hand, Jesse Kelly Landes and I for a Men’s Shirt Re-Do. Well Ok I don’t re-do a men’s shirt, but I do make a cute bracelet out of an old watch. Jesse refits a men’s shirt into a form fitting woman’s top. Karly turns a shirt and tie into a tube top. We also check out artists Amanda Leggett and Phaedra Wendler and the sassy skirts they’ve come up with using men’s shirtsleeves.

Did you ever pick up a copy of my book The Naughty Secretary Club: The Working Girl’s Guide to Handmade Jewelry? Well if the clock watchers bracelet tickles your fancy your gonna love the matching necklace and earrings.

One last note on watches. They don’t always have to tell time to be cute and wearable. Check out how to make your own Faux No Time Watch.

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