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Holy poop cakes am I tired. I woke up at 5:30AM today that is never good. Lot’s of people arrived at my house at 6AM and then I had to run around in the cold and faux laugh until 3:00PM. Sure life could be a lot worse, but I am tired and cranky.

The night is not even over. In 40 minutes more people are coming to my house to whisk me off to a Thanksgiving potluck. Maybe I will snooze in a corner.

So hey lookie, here is an interview with moi, Jennifer Perkins, at Style Diary. They made Naughty Secretary Club look like a rock star company.

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Naughty Secretary Club Designer Jennifer Perkins Talks Shop About Her Line, Fashion and Style

11/21/2005 6:26:06 AM
Naughty Secretary Club founder and designer Jennifer Perkins is one of the coolest you’ll ever meet. Nevermind that she’s been a regular fixture in some of the biggest media in the country or that she’s a driving force behind women’s business in her home town of Austin. Forget about the killer collection she creates and how it has captivated fashionistas from around the globe. All the success aside, this is one of the coolest girls you’ll know.

Yet becoming a widely celebrated designer wasn’t exactly the plan Perkins had started out with. The graduate of South West Texas State University stepped out with her sights on a desk job and family life, but quickly returned to her childhood love for creating jewelry and the Naughty Secretary Club was born. She’s since become one of the most celebrated independent designers in modern fashion, known for her fun, funky reworked vintage pieces.

This past week, we caught up with Perkins to find out what’s new with her line, what’s hot in her collection and her top tips on fashion and style.

SD: You’ve got an incredibly creative line – where did you get the idea?
JP: I have always loved crazy big obnoxious jewelry, I like to make jewelry out of things that will surprise people and make them smile.I don’t want to make baubles bats an eye at, I want my jewelry to make people do a double take.

SD: Tell us how you come up with your designs! what inspires you?
JP: I collect vintage costume jewelry and have since childhood so I get a lot of inspiration from that.All the colors, combinations and details I find something new every time I dig through my stash.

SD: What’s your favorite piece from your collection?
JP: The Cha-Cha Bracelets!!!! I wear one almost everyday. The cha cha bracelets are slathered with tons of different vintage beads and charms. They are very bright and colorful and no two are alike.

SD: How would you describe your personal style? What’s a typical outfit for you?
JP: Well since child hood I have been called names like Punky Brewster and Rainbow Brite and that pretty much still describes me today. I love Japanese street style and usually dress pretty bright and loud. I almost always wear at least something that is vintage. I have a thing about putting my hair in crazy up-do’s as well.

SD: Who are your style icons and why?
JP: I love old pictures of Cyndi Lauper, I think Gwen Steffani has a great sense of style, I also read A LOT of fashion magazines and get smitten on different designers and people each month. I have always been drawn to people that stand out in a crowd.

SD: What’s your biggest fashion pet peeve?
JP: I am slowly getting over my fear of navy and black together. Brown and black still really hurts my soul. Slimy stretchy mall dress fabric really bothers me. It clings in all the wrong places.

SD: What are your hottest sellers? What do people love the most about your jewelry collection?
JP: Earrings in general always seem to sell better than any other piece of jewelry. I myself tend to change out my earrings more than any other accessory so that makes total sense. Since most of my collection is either one of a kind of very limited addition due to the vintage pieces I think that is something that my customers really enjoy about the line.

SD: What is your top advice for women regarding style? What would you say is the most important thing they need to remember in terms of their wardrobe?
JP: That even if you are afraid to dress crazy head to toe you can always spice something up with an accessory. A plain black dress can go from snoozer to wowzer with just the right necklace or earrings.

SD: What’s next for Naughty Secretary Club?
JP: In 2006 I will be co-hosting a program called Stylelicious and hosting another show called Craft Lab both for the DIY Network. I am working on a jewelry book. Plus I am always picking up new and exciting (and odd) jewelry bits to add to the collection.

SD: Where can we buy your collection?
JP: Well the flagship store if you will is I sell in several boutiques across the country. Online you can also fine me at Fred Flare.

Naughty Secretary Club can be purchased Online at

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