Stitch the aftermath

Check out how hot my girls are. Naughty Secretary Club and Hot Pink Pistol rawked the runway!

STITCH was a total success. Saturday night we started with a small mixer for the designers and vendors at Club Deville where DJ Ian did some spinning. Here are some pictures. Got to meet some cool peeps like Adrienne from Tuff Betty Bags and my house guest for the weekend Karl Bot showed up from LA there.

Sunday started early setting up at Emo’s. We were there all day. There were a few snafus here and there, but overall everything was perfect. Rumor has it that Emo’s sold out, vendors were telling me they had their best sells nights ever, people were screaming for the runway, I couldn’t ask for anything more. Thanks to all my friends who came out and supported, all the people that reposted on my space, all the volunteers, all my friends (PJ, Joey, Dave M, James, Courtney and Chris) who ran around like crazy people trying to keep generators full of gas and models in line, the DJs who played some awesome music, our MC Matt Bearden who turned down opening for Dave Chapelle at the Frank Erwin Center so he wouldn’t let us down (you have permanently good karma for that now), my super hot models for staying at Emo’s all day, my sister for letting me share the runway with her, the other STITCH girls for asking me to be a producer and my hubby Chris who is a fussy little bitch sometimes, but mighty helpful and I appreciate everything.

So here is my photo album.

Here are some pictures from the amazing Justin Cox of my models

and here are some Farrid.

Also here is our first review in the Daily Texan.

I am still all wound up from Stitch and can’t sleep it’s 4:51AM on Tuesday and I have been up since 3AM. I also went to bed at 9PM so that is part of my problem. I told Chris going to bed that early I would wake up crazy early and I was right. I had a hard time sleeping for like a week after I got home from Los Angeles filming the TV show because I was still all hyper. Guess I will eventually come down. Now that I have blogged what will I do to pass the insomnia time.

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