Stitch on the Brain Today.

Today so far has been all about STITCH. What is Stitch you ask, well it is only the largest independent fashion show in Texas. All hand made awesome clothing on the runway super cool DIY goodies in the guerilla craft bazaar. Bands, DJs, comedians, dancers and more. This year look for repeat offenders like DJ Mel (Rock the Casbah), Matt Bearden (Comedy Central), The Austin Craft Mafia and more. We sold out Emo’s last year with over 1,000 people attending. This year in case you have not heard we have moved to the Austin Music Hall which has a capacity of 3,000. Just today we booked two super secret awesome bands to headline the events. All in due time my pretties, you will hear about it

My big jobby job this year is handling sponsorships. We already have awesome companies and magazines on board like Ready Made, Sublime Stitching, Plaid, Rare, Duncan, Bag Lunch and Jewell. However, the more the merrier. The packages range from $50-$3000. Different perks include ads in our program, ability to stuff 500 goodie bags, logo on Stitch website and our My Space page, your name on all our posters, your link in all our newsletters and more. If you run a business seems to me like you would wanna get in on this. Here is the link to our different sponsorship packages if you are interested.

My usual job for Stitch is handling press and promotion. If you are the press, we would love to talk with you!

If you wanna apply to be a part of Stitch you are not too late, actually you have until the 15th of August. You can still apply to be on the runway or in the guerilla craft bazaar. Click here to get the details.

Guess what else we now have a grant to give away, The Stitch Grant: Craft & Art Indie Upstart. We will give one of our Stitch participants $1000 plus other gifts and prizes to help them kick-start their business. For more info on the grant and how to score a prize for yourself, check out this link!

Did I mention the filmmakers behind Indie Craft Documentary will be attending Stitch with their cameras in tow. Faythe Levine and Micaela O’Herlihy are documenting the happenings of the new wave of craft exploding across the world and the web. They will be conducting interviews at Stitch with anyone and everyone involved in the movement. Read more about the film on their website.

Last of all if you are on My Space and have not added Stitch as a friend yet, don’t you think it’s time you did. I do.

Ok sorry I just have Stitch on the brain today.

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