Stitch is over, and now I am kind of sad.

Ya know I could not wait for Saturday to be over and now that it is, I feel kind of sad. I love Stitch it is like my baby, but it is also a tricky show to put together that can suck up all your time so there is that sigh of relief when it is all said and done. I keep comparing producing Stitch to getting married and since the other 3 ladies have not sold their souls to the marital devil like myself they don’t quite understand what I mean. In two ways is Stitch like a wedding.

When I planned my wedding several years ago all my free time was consumed with planning. Is the florist going to have enough Kermit mums? Do we need a generator for the margarita machines? Do we have enough vintage table cloths for all the tables? You plan and plan and then the day after your wedding there is this weird sinking feeling that all the planning is over and what are you going to do with yourself now. Even though for weeks I have been saying “After Stitch on Saturday, I can’t wait to relax”, now I am kind of sad and missing all the anticipation. Oh well it’s not like we don’t start planning in January so I really only get a month and half off. The other way Stitch is like a wedding is that it is like you are planning a huge party for a bunch of people, but you can’t really ever relax at the party yourself because you are the host. I could not really drink the margaritas at my wedding and at Stitch the few beers I had were only after the runway and I could tell myself that none of the models fell off the stage.

Thank you to everyone who came out to Stitch. All my friends who came out to support and all the strangers who just came out to see fashion, listen to good music and shop in the some of the bestest craft booths ever. Thanks to the vendors, the bands, the DJs, the sponsors, the volunteers, everyone! Today I am beaming with pride for Karly, Tina, Jesse and I. I think we pulled everything off without a hitch. This is the 3rd venue for Stitch and our biggest yet. All I know is Austin Music Hall holds 3,000 people and the manager told me we had to quit selling tickets at about 8:30 because we were at capacity. We had run out of the 2,000 wrist bands we had brought earlier so I kind of thought that might happen.

Yesterday I spent the day walking up and down the drag with my friends Traci and Karl doing some shopping and showing them the town. Karl was selling T-shirts in the Partybots booth and Traci was demoing in the Duncan paints booth.

Today I found our first little bit of press for Stitch in The Daily Texan. Read the story here. They like the segment I did with sister and my mom, whoo! Here are 4 different blog links: Tashina Knight, Textile Fetish, Dioramarama and Shanntastic that talk about Stitch. Oh and a link to Cory’s pictures, Farid’s pictures, Young and With It has pictures from this year and this year and then my pictures. I’ll post more as I get them.

Oh and I’ll remind you of this all week long, but um ya there is a Stitch after party that everyone over 21 is invited to. This Friday Nov 17th at Gallery Lombardi. Pictures from the show presented by Super Alright, More Carlo Rossi jug furniture and fun, a handful of craft booths and more. Please come over and say hello between 8-12.

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